Minu Bae

My name is Minwoo Bae, simpliy called "Minu" Bae. After I finished a Post-baccalaureate Program in Mathematics, currently I am in the Master of Science program in Mathematics at the City College of New York. Since I was selected as a software design talent by the Government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) at 2014, they provided a fund which supported me to start to discover advanced knowledges in Mathematics and Computer Science for the future of software design and development. My interesting research area is mathematical cryptography.

I received a master degree for Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) from New York University at 2011. After the graduation, I worked as a software developer to design and develop mobile and web applications during about 4 years in New York City. I mainly developed the web applications for a research team at Columbia University Medical Center and Public Health Solutions in New York City. Here are my works and resume.

For the futrue, solving mathematical algorithms will be my primary interest in my rest of life.
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Mahtematics and Coding.